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Confidentiality Policy


Ivybridge Caring recognises that the right to privacy is essential to ensure that our clients are able to have trust and confidence in the organisation. Ivybridge Caring will make every effort to ensure and maintain a working environment where personal rights, choices and dignity are respected.

Ivybridge Caring is therefore committed to the principle that any client has the right to expect that any information provided by them be used solely for the purpose for which it was given. Information will not be divulged to any other person or organisation outside Ivybridge Caring without their consent, other than in those circumstances identified in this policy when this principle cannot be adhered to.

This principle of confidentiality also extends to all relevant information regarding the internal affairs of Ivybridge Caring especially any information relating to or involving any aspect of the business. It applies to all Trustees as well as its Volunteers.


The success of every volunteer relationship with a client depends on maintaining confidentiality. If a client feels they cannot trust you with information, they will not be open and honest with you.

Some clients may live in small, close knit communities and may be reluctant to have a volunteer from within their community.


Ivybridge Caring believes that its Trustees, Volunteers have a duty of confidentiality to the organisation. Trustees and Volunteers are expected to act honestly and in good faith in all their dealings with the organisation.

Our work will bring us into contact with confidential information. To ensure that all those working within and volunteering for Ivybridge Caring can do so with confidence we respect confidentiality in the following ways:

No confidential issue is to be discussed with, or revealed to, any person or organisation outside Ivybridge Caring except with the express permission of the client.
If in the course of discussion the volunteer feels that information is likely to be revealed that could make continued confidentiality impossible, she/he will immediately inform the client of the implications of continuing to reveal such information.

 Any situation in which a volunteer fears for the safety or welfare of a client or for their own protection, should be referred to their Coordinator.

All written information, whether in the form of records or of publicity, must protect the anonymity of individuals or groups.

IvybridgeCaring will take every reasonable step to ensure that no information regarding a client is disclosed without their prior consent, except in circumstances where the organisation has a specific legal or contractual obligation to do so.

Any disclosure of information to a third party will be recorded in the client’s file together with confirmation that their consent had been received.

Ivybridge Caring will comply with all requirements of the Data Protection Act.

The Trustees of Ivybridge Caring will ensure that all volunteers receive appropriate training in relation to the operation of this policy.