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Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Practice

Ivybridge Caring is committed to a policy of equal opportunities in employment and in the provision of its services and is developing its practices to ensure the effectiveness of the policy. This policy aims to ensure that no employee, job applicant, volunteer or client/user receives less favourable treatment because of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, gender, marital status, family responsibility, disability, sexuality, age or religion.

In doing so the organisation, its employees/volunteers and service users are required to comply with all current legislation.

Whilst much can be done to promote equal opportunities by the application of legal requirements, Ivybridge Caring is committed to a programme of positive action to make this policy fully effective.

Anyone who feels they have been discriminated against has the right to bring it to the management’s attention.


Ivybridge Caring’s general publicity material should be ant-racist and anti-sexist. It should not reinforce negative image of lesbians and gay men and people with disabilities. No oppressive materials will be used.

Sexist, racist and other discriminatory language will be not be used. Language, whether written or verbal, will not identify jobs with a particular sex, and sex linked words will be avoided. Discriminatory jibes and disparaging terms for particular groups will not be acceptable.

All publicity will state that Ivybridge Caringoperates an Equal Opportunities policy.


Language is dynamic and words in common usages are always changing. Terms used within equal opportunity frameworks are no different and people must be prepared to accept the lead given by the various groups themselves as to what words are acceptable.

However, no language, deemed sexist, racist or in any way discriminatory is acceptable.

Definitions of sexist racist or discriminatory language cannot be set in concrete but the individual’s perception of the language must be acknowledged (sensitively).

Should any member of staff/volunteer feel language being used in the workplace / organisation is inappropriate, they should raise the matter through normal line management or to the management committee.

Terms and Conditions of Employment, Benefits, Facilities and Service

These will be offered equally to all employees/volunteers in the same or similar circumstances.

All employees/volunteers with responsibility for children or other dependents will not face discriminatory treatment because of these responsibilities.

For disabled employees / volunteers and employees / volunteers who become disabled, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 will be complied with in full.